Dash 8


Its cabin is designed to accommodate up to 37 passengers but this capacity depends on the configuration of the aircraft. It follows the development plan for a short-haul and commuter aircraft. It is a single-aisle aircraft, with four seats per row. The 100A series, the second version of the Dash 8-100, offers a cabin with the same capacity but with more space per seat and therefore more comfort for the passengers.


  • Take-offs and landings are also possible on very short runways
  • Economical travel thanks to high fuel efficiency
  • Comfortable leatherette seats
A Dash 8 which is for lease. Dash 8 for lease available now.
Cruise Speed in Km/h
Hand Luggage
The inside of a Dash 8 which is for lease, this Dash 8 is for lease.

Dash 8 Passenger Confort

Although the Dash 8 does have a pressurized cabin, you can expect a comfortable flight. The heating system and ventilation ensure pleasant temperatures. You can sit back and enjoy the view from the large windows.

A Dash 8 for lease.

Dash 8 for lease

At Zebu Air we are currently providing wet lease, dry lease, ACMI, charter, and cargo for the Dash 8. We offer all of our leases on the Dash 8-100 Dash 8-200, Dash 8-300, and Dash 8-400. Conditions apply for the lease of the Dash 8 depending on the type of lease, the conditions may include deposits and upfront payments. Make sure to contact us if you have any questions about our Dash 8 for lease.

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